crush .. roll .. puff … pass … HIGH AS FUCK!

""Live right and you love right ." Do on to others as you want them to do on to you
Luke 6:31"

Dear Summer 2012

Before you came I couldn’t wait for to.come .. your came and I learn some much I lost friends.and.gained.new.ones .. I got a more mature state of mind . You open my eyes to a lot you showed me reality .. you showed the UPS and downs to life .. the in and out.. the value of money. Hate and love and the hate of losing .th e victory of wining .I lost the love of my life . And gained enemies. You showed the grimey side of the world how in life you have to livee for yourself and no one else . You showed to love me first .. the biggest lesson. Learned is life waits on no one as fast as you came you left.. knowing that whatever you wanna do you gotta do and what ever wasn’t taught to you will teach you with you with mistakes ..so summer I’m glad you left

"Life is like a lesson you learn something new step-by-step but each step elaborates one point"

Chynna_ Ocean


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